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Sexual harassment charges for California tech company

The gender inequity in tech has reared its ugly head again. A former employee of the San Francisco, California tech company Binary has filed suit alleging sexual harassment in the workplace. A recent news story gives the details of the lawsuit and the woman's quest for justice since experiencing ongoing harassment. 

Sexual harassment investigation changes major California company

While the focus of each company is different, one thing is true across all companies, the work environment is to be free from harassment and discrimination. Sexual harassment in the California workplace is not acceptable and does not provide the right environment for employees to thrive. It's also illegal. A recent new story shares the consequences of sexual harassment in the workplace at Uber, a major transportation company, resulted in firings and restructuring of leadership within the company. 

Sexual harassment issue in California gets apology

Sexual harassment in the workplace is bad enough, but when employees do not feel supported by their agency directors and supervisors, the experience becomes much worse. Recently, the director of Veterans Affairs for Northern California Health Care System has changed his tune regarding some comments he made about harassment in the workplace. Three women have made sexual harassment claims against VA supervisors, alleging that they were victims of harassment and stalking. Sexual harassment in the workplace is demeaning, demoralizing and traumatizing to employees and contributes to a toxic work environment. 

California sperm bank sexual harassment suit reaches settlement

Employers have a duty to prevent workplace discrimination and harassment based on gender. But what is an employee to do when it is a supervisor who is the one making the work environment a hostile one? In a recently settled lawsuit to that effect, a California woman was forced to leave her job due to sexual harassment and discrimination from her boss.

Second sexual harassment suit fosters hope for change

In California workplaces – and anywhere else in the nation -- sexual harassment is prohibited. Sexual harassment generally involves the making of obscene remarks or unwanted sexual advances, typically – though not always -- directed against women. In another state, a woman has stepped forward to file a lawsuit against the city's police department where she works; this suit follows close on the heels of the first sexual harassment suit in which this same woman assisted another who was suffering harassment at the hands of co-workers and supervisors.

Sexual harassment in the California workplace

While sexual discrimination in the California workplace may sometimes be difficult to prove, that doesn't make it less of an issue. Typically, sexual harassment takes the form of lewd comments or inappropriate behavior that create a work environment so hostile that the employee is no longer able to perform his or her job. There are different types of sexual harassment in the workplace, though, and all of them are illegal.

Stanford professor's sexual harassment case made public

Many laws and policies have been put into place over the years to ensure a safe working environment for men and women. Despite advancements and changes in the work place, sexual harassment still occurs. California employment lawyers strive to give guidance to anyone that suspects they have suffered from inappropriate behavior and retaliation from reporting it in the work place. Recently, a former Stanford professor made her experience with sexual harassment public.

California woman fired after sexual harassment claims files suit

A former Oakley Union Elementary School District employee has filed a lawsuit for wrongful termination. The California woman alleges that, after filing a complaint of sexual harassment against her boss, she was subsequently let go. She also feels that, since her termination, the district has ruined her reputation and prevented her from finding subsequent work in her field.

University of California amends its sexual harassment policy

Within the past year, the University of California system has battled several lawsuits dealing with its employees' unethical behavior. Several have been investigated, and some employees have been heavily sanctioned or terminated from the university because of sexual harassment claims. Most recently, the UC Board of Regents amended the university's Standards of Ethical Conduct after one of the regents allegedly made lewd comments toward a former employee.

Federal official retires after spouse's sexual harassment charges

Yosemite National Park is considered one of the gems of outdoor recreation in California. Recently, however, it has come under scrutiny due to a scandal relating to blatant sexual harassment and intimidation under the leadership of Don Neubacher. Neubacher is the husband of Patty Neubacher, who was the regional director of the Pacific West Region, which covers 56 national parks located in 6 western states.

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