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California company settles dancer's wage disputes

When employees pool together, they can defeat unfair practices by company owners. Recently, a multi-million dollar class-action lawsuit was settled against a strip club franchise based out of California. Dancers alleged unfair treatment and wage disputes in this case, according to a recent news story. 

Overtime an issue for California sheriff's deputies

The 40 hour work week was designed so that workers can have balance in their work and home lives. Overtime pay can be a blessing to some, but forced overtime can be a curse to a balanced family life. It really depends on whether the worker is willing and able to allot the extra time to the job. A recent news story shares about a California sheriff's office that is trying to balance staffing issues and overtime needs. 

Former Shipley employees attempt overtime, sexual harassment suit

Though no franchises from the popular doughnuts chain are currently located in California, other bakeries within the state would do well to avoid following in the footsteps of Shipley Do-Nuts when it comes to the alleged treatment of their employees. Four former employees accuse the bakery of withholding overtime pay, in addition to complaints of sexual harassment against one former worker. The four former employees are attempting to initiate a class-action lawsuit against the company.

Domino's Pizza involved in wage disputes

Domino's Corporate, the popular pizza-restaurant chain with franchises in California and across the nation, now finds itself the sole remaining defendant in a lawsuit in another state. The worker's rights lawsuit involving wage disputes originally named three former franchise owners in addition to the company itself, but all three have since settled. The former Domino's franchisees have agreed to pay a combined restitution settlement of $480,000.

Hertz faces overtime disputes in California and elsewhere

The car rental company Hertz Corp. is already facing a string of lawsuits in California accusing them of failing to pay their customer services employees for working through their breaks and off the clock. A class-action suit filed in 2015 claims the company refused to pay overtime wages in compliance with federal and state labor laws. Now, Hertz is facing yet another lawsuit over unpaid overtime -- this time in a different state.

Employment and potential hour disputes: exempt vs. nonexempt

There are distinct differences between exempt and nonexempt employees. The federal Fair Labor Standards Act governs workers in California and determines whether employees are entitled to be paid according to minimum wage standards, including overtime pay, or whether they should be paid salaries. Workers who have concerns about employment misclassification and wonder if they are eligible to raise hour disputes may be interested in the difference between the two classifications.

Wage disputes and the importance of boilerplate contract language

When people searching for a new job are offered a position, it is understandably an exciting time.  Many employers in California offer a contract and then apply pressure to the recipient to commit quickly. However, most employment contracts have boilerplate language that generally benefits the potential employer, especially in issues of wage disputes. It could be important for a potential employee's interests to read, understand and usually run the contract language by an attorney prior to signing.

New laws enacted on July 1 may lead to wage disputes

Any time new wage laws go into effect, there will typically be a transitional period while employers move toward compliance. This invariably can lead to wage disputes, as many employers may not implement the new policies in a timely manner. A new law in Los Angeles could herald the beginning of increased minimum wages for the rest of California, and readers may be interested in how this change may positively affect their earning potential and guaranteed paid leave.

Many could see pay boost from Obama's new overtime law

As the Obama administration enters its final months and Congress winds down for the summer, several bills are pending which may be interesting to California employees. Specifically, up to 146,000 workers in the state could be affected positively by legislation that establishes a new overtime income threshold. A recent article describes some of the benefits of this law.

California may soon see more wage disputes over gender and race

Last year, California passed one of the most progressive measures to create gender wage equality. As many employers are starting to implement this law, another law is currently being considered to add additional language that will protect workers from racial wage discrimination as well. A recent article details some of the issues that could cause wage disputes as employers face stricter regulations.

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