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Attorneys for Employees –
We Specialize in Righting Workplace Wrongs


Attorneys for Employees –
We Specialize in Righting Workplace Wrongs

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Aggressive Employment Law Advocates In Northern California

You are protected by state and federal laws against discrimination, harassment, retaliation and other abuse by an employer or ex-employer. You may not know your employee rights or how to assert them. You may be worried about losing your job or other backlash.

At Bryant Whitten, LLP, you are represented by skilled and caring lawyers who are passionate about holding employers accountable for mistreatment of workers. Our Fresno-based firm routinely sues major corporations in the Central Valley and Northern California for employment, labor and civil rights violations. Contact us today to arrange a free initial review of your potential claim.

Employment Discrimination And Other Employer Abuses

  • Sexual misconduct — Sexual harassment can take various forms, from unwanted advances or sexual assault to demeaning behavior that creates a hostile work environment. We hold companies accountable for the devastation caused by harassment by a co-worker, supervisor, executive or client.
  • Employment discrimination — It is illegal to be treated differently in hiring or in the workplace on the basis of your race, national origin, religion, gender, sexual orientation, age, disability or pregnancy. There are also protections for military personnel. We will pursue compensation for your losses and suffering.
  • Family leave/medical leave — You cannot be reprimanded, have your pay docked or be replaced for taking unpaid leave to care for a new baby, a sick child or a family member, or to recuperate from your own serious health condition. We enforce your rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) and California Family Rights Act.
  • Retaliation or wrongful termination — Were you fired, reassigned or otherwise punished for filing claims or reporting violations? We hold employers accountable for reprisal actions, including retaliation against whistleblowers who report illegal activity.
  • Defamation — You may have a claim for libel or slander if a former employer has damaged your reputation or inhibited your employment prospects through false or malicious information.
  • Wage and hour violations — Through individual claims and class actions, our firm makes employers pay for unpaid overtime, misclassification, circumventing minimum wage and tipping regulations, depriving workers of meal and rest breaks, and other labor law abuses.
  • Civil rights — Discrimination is not limited to the workplace. We have handled civil rights lawsuits for discriminatory practices in housing, lending and refusal of service or public accommodations.

Protect Your Future And Take Action Today

Our experienced and compassionate employment law attorneys will take the time to listen to your story, explain your rights and explore your legal remedies. We are fearless advocates who have obtained verdicts and settlements in notable cases against well-known employers.

If you have been a victim of unlawful termination or other violations of your civil rights, arrange a consultation with one of our Fresno employee rights attorneys.

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