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February 2012 Archives

To acknowledge company's sexual harassment policy, some employers use love contract

Romantic trysts and relationships have long started and even endured at the workplace. In a survey about relationships at work conducted last year, as many as 18 percent of respondents said they dated a supervisor while more than 25 percent said they dated a subordinate. To protect themselves from potential fallout like workplace discrimination and sexual harassment, some employers are employing the use of love contracts.

Another case of potential workplace discrimination based on pregnancy

Last time, we wrote about a mother who was allegedly fired from her workplace because she wanted the option to pump breast milk at work. Another example of potential workplace discrimination based on pregnancy or sex has recently reached the headlines. Worker advocates say the woman's case is an example of the inconsistent enforcement of pregnancy discrimination laws.

Federal judge rules firing over pumping breast milk not workplace discrimination

A federal judge recently ruled that the firing of a mother who wanted to pump breast milk at work was not considered workplace discrimination. The ruling was made in the context of the new national health care legislation which in part allows mothers the opportunity to nurse at work.

Military family members to receive expanded rights under FMLA

The Obama administration recently announced a proposed expansion of eligibility under the Family and Medical Leave Act for military families. The proposed expansion is meant to recognize the support that family members and caregivers provide to military service members and veterans.

Former intern sues fashion magazine for federal wage and hour violations

A former unpaid intern for the fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar has filed a federal wage and hour lawsuit against the magazine's corporate parent the Hearst Corporation. The former unpaid intern claims she often worked full-time for the magazine even though she was not paid thereby violating federal wage and hour laws. The intern and her attorneys are also hoping to gain class action status.

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