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California workers could be affected by wage and hour violations

Without a job, many individuals in California and across the country would struggle to make ends meet and afford the necessities for their household. Therefore, workers are typically grateful for the income that they are able to receive from their jobs. Unfortunately, there are situations in which employees may not be receiving the proper compensation for their work due to wage and hour violations on the part of their employers.

Sandwich chain Jimmy John’s has recently been named in a class action lawsuit due to allegedly withholding wages. It was reported that workers in another state filed the claim after they were required to work off the clock and not receive compensation for the duties carried out during that time. As a result, workers were not given pay for working overtime and were not making minimum wage.

The chain apparently claims to offer low prices to their customers, and some of the workers apparently believe that the prices are kept low by not properly paying the employees. This lawsuit could affect a considerable number of individuals as it is believed the wage theft takes place at Jimmy John’s locations across the country. Current and former workers of the chain are being considered in the suit.

Many employees take pride in working hard and rightfully earning their wages, which is why wage and hour violations should be addressed. As this situation shows, legal action may need to be taken to ensure that workers across the country are not being cheated out of their earned pay. If California workers find themselves in similar situations, they may wish to better understand their options and whether filing a claim could be right for them.

Source:, "Jimmy John's With A Side Of Wage Theft?", Sarah Lazare, Aug. 13, 2014

Source:, "Jimmy John's With A Side Of Wage Theft?", Sarah Lazare, Aug. 13, 2014

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