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Man claims he was fired for taking leave under FMLA

One new father was excited for the addition to the family and attempted to take more responsibility for childcare. He took a few weeks off to bond and help his wife but was later fired. The man claims that his employer unfairly punished him for taking leave per the Family and Medical Leave Act, or FMLA, and filed a case. California parents may be interested to learn more about the man's struggle for fair paternity leave. 

Paid maternity leave a no-go for California teachers

A new bill that would have allowed teachers more time off to be with their babies was vetoed by the governor. The bill passed the California legislature only to be struck down at the last turn. The state governor says that he has taken steps to allow for maternity leave, and that further benefits are best bargained for at the local level. 

Most Americans support reasonable accommodations for leave

Most people will admit that there are times when a person simply needs to be at home to take care of the family. Whether that leave is used to introduce a new child, to care for a family member or to address one's own health concerns, there are times when a person will require significant time off from work in order to tend the home fires. The Family and Medical Leave Act allows certain employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave, and employers must allow for reasonable accommodations for disabled employees in California and across the country. Some individuals also feel that it is time to give paid medical leave to individuals who have medical or caregiving needs at home.

Time-Warner skips reasonable accommodations, sued in California

The Equal Employment Opportunity Commission has filed suit against cable giant Time-Warner. The lawsuit follows an incident where a woman was not offered reasonable accommodations to seek medical treatment for a recently disclosed disability. The California woman was fired after revealing her disability and request for treatment.

California study: Female docs face maternity leave discrimination

Being a doctor can be a pretty enviable vocation. It comes with the respect of your community, advanced education and higher than average incomes, but as it turns out, being a doctor can still be a challenging place for a woman. Many women still face institutional discrimination in this profession when it comes to breastfeeding, maternity leave and other women's issues, as a recent study from the University of California, San Francisco illustrates. 

California suit claims retaliation for pregnancy, maternity leave

A California woman filed a lawsuit against the employer who placed her on indefinite leave, alleging sex discrimination as well as negligent and intentional infliction of emotional distress. The former principal is suing the La Canada Unified School District for unspecified damages. She claims that after giving her difficulty concerning time off for prenatal care and maternity leave, the school system later demoted her from principal to teacher before ultimately placing her on indefinite leave.

New California Family Medical Leave Act law: Domestic disputes

There are many reasons that California employees can legally request time off from work. Commonly, laws concerning the Family Medical Leave Act apply to maternity or paternity leave or to employees who are caring for other family members. However, Governor Jerry Brown recently signed a new employment law into effect that requires employers to notify their employees of their rights to take leave due to domestic violence.

Family Medical Leave Act overlooks almost half of workforce

Employment laws and protections require flexibility in order to change with the constantly growing and evolving population of the United States. The Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) was originally instituted in 1993. Since that time, the state of California has passed legislation to further define and augment the federal law in order to address current employment and family issues.

Employers still find problems with Family Medical Leave Act

Though federal laws were passed in 1993 to protect workers when they needed to take time off for family or medical reasons, some companies still dodge the rules when possible. Cases in California involving family responsibility discrimination have increased tremendously as a result. For many workers, litigation involving the Family Medical Leave Act has become very common.

Wage disputes may ensue following JPMorgan's increase

This year has been exciting for workers in California and across the country. In many states, minimum wage workers in key markets have scored significant victories with regards to wages and benefits, and it appears that other states are following suit and increasing wages for entry-level employees. Now, even some large corporations are starting to start the process of raising employment compensation proactively for its employees. During the next few years, however, wage disputes may erupt as workers and companies strive to find a balance in the new competitive landscape.

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