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Cheesecake Factory liable for millions in wage disputes

Contracting and subcontracting out certain jobs is common practice in the California restaurant industry. Some businesses do it to ease the responsibility of hiring and managing all the employees necessary to run a successful restaurant, while others do it for more sinister reasons. Several Cheesecake Factories were recently hit with fines for wage disputes that involved contracted janitorial workers.

Wage disputes form a large portion of lawsuits for top companies

A recently issued report indicates that several major American corporations have a problem when it comes to fairly compensating employees. Wage disputes, illegal overtime practices and theft have resulted in thousands of lawsuits across the nation and across many industries. Wage theft seems to run rampant, and some advocates say that increased labor protections, such as those currently in place in California, may be needed. 

Supreme Court ruling affects wage disputes and class action suits

The top court of the United States has recently passed down a ruling that determined the legality of employer arbitration agreements. About one in four nonunion public sector U.S. workers have signed arbitration agreements that limit their ability to bring class action lawsuits against their employers for issues like wage disputes. The Supreme Court found that the agreements were not in violation of the law. California workers may now need to bring cases against their employers individually instead of as a group. 

California bill seeks to end wage disputes for port truckers

The state hopes to stamp out misclassified truck drivers at state ports. California bill SB 1402 will hold companies accountable if they choose to hire trucking companies who have been found to break the law regarding wage theft. Truckers have long protested the wage disputes and some report happiness at seeing the tide finally turn at the port. 

California fitness chain hit with wage disputes, labor violations

Weight wasn't the only thing allegedly being lost at Camp Bootcamp recently. Wages were being lost, too. The fitness chain recently was cited and fined after complaints of wage disputes, overtime violations and rest break violations. The California company will be on the hook for $8.3 million in alleged wage theft and labor law violations. 

Wage disputes being tackled by California bills

The construction industry in the state has been feeling the effects of a new labor bill that aims to make employers responsible to fairly compensate their employees. Some opponents of the new measure have been making claims that the new rules have created a labor shortage in the industry. Others say that this measure only affects employers who thrive on using sub-minimum wages and evasion of fair labor practices. The bill itself will make it easier for some California workers to settle wage disputes

Avoiding overtime in media and facts about wage theft

The FBI estimates that there is about $12.7 billion lost to property crime every year, and some experts put the total amount stolen from employees as $15 billion per year, meaning that employers likely steal more money from people every year than every burglar in the nation put together. Some employees are more vulnerable than others -- service workers and the working poor are among the hardest hit. In California, some employers ask workers in the media to bill differently in order to avoid paying overtime.

Overtime and wage issues for California university employees

A recent proclamation by a university president had some hopeful that fair pay would be strengthened in the state. In 2015, the University of California unveiled a new policy that set a $15 hourly minimum wage for employees, but two years later some employees are crying foul. One worker claims that he is paid using two separate names in order to avoid overtime pay. 

New California bill would aid wage disputes

Construction workers may soon have increased abilities to reclaim back pay if they were stiffed by a contractor. The California bill, which has passed the Senate and the Assembly, is now on the Governor's desk. It would allow construction workers to seek lost wages and benefits from the general contractor, even if they did not directly work for the contractor. Many wage disputes occur when the subcontractor skips town or declares bankruptcy to avoid paying workers. 

Apple workers file wage disputes in California

Should an employee be paid for time spent undergoing a security check? This is the question asked in a recent class action lawsuit filed by California Apple employees. The wage disputes are a result of the significant amount of time that some employees spend waiting for security checks off the clock. The courts have not yet come to a consensus on the issue. 

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