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California NFL team paid cheerleading squad $5 per hour

On Sept. 4, lawyers representing the Oakland Raiders football team and their cheer-leading squad announced a proposed settlement in an unpaid wage dispute. If the settlement is approved in court on Sept. 26, the Oakland Raiders will owe $1.25 million to 90 women who worked as cheerleaders during four NFL seasons. The settlement money will cover unpaid wages, interest on those wages and legal fees.

Siemens accused of violating wage and hour laws

A class action lawsuit was lodged against Siemens in California recently. An attorney acting on behalf of hundreds of workers both former and current alleged in U.S. District Court that the German company's rail systems arm had violated wage and hour laws and was seeking more than $10 million in general, compensatory and punitive damages, as well as penalties for waiting time, interest accrued during that time and legal fees.

Workers with disabilities paid less than minimum wage

Workers with disabilities are sometimes being paid as low as $0.22 per hour. This amount is far less than minimum wage, not just in California, but throughout the nation. This fact is due to a loophole in the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938. This exception is implemented by the employer creating what is known as a sheltered workshop.

Former intern sues fashion magazine for federal wage and hour violations

A former unpaid intern for the fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar has filed a federal wage and hour lawsuit against the magazine's corporate parent the Hearst Corporation. The former unpaid intern claims she often worked full-time for the magazine even though she was not paid thereby violating federal wage and hour laws. The intern and her attorneys are also hoping to gain class action status.

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