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Teacher files race discrimination case against school district

An individual in California has the right to a discrimination-free workplace. When this doesn't happen and the person is mistreated based on his or her race or sex, for example, the employee can take action against the employer through the legal system. One black teacher in another state has sued a school district on the basis of race discrimination.

Teacher says she is victim of workplace discrimination

A teacher in a neighboring state recently claimed that she has been the target of race discrimination. Workplace discrimination on the basis of race, which can be demeaning and may hurt a person's ability to stay employed at a company, is prohibited. A person who is a victim of such mistreatment has the right to seek the protection of his or her rights in California.

Welder claims to be victim of workplace race discrimination

An individual has no choice in what his or her race will be. Being discriminated against on this basis may therefore seem unfair and cause frustration for an employee in California. Race discrimination is not simply unjust; it is illegal. If individuals are mistreated because of their skin color, they have the right to seek justice.

Companies' social media use may lead to workplace discrimination

In today's social media age, people often enjoy the benefits of being connected to others around the country and even the globe. It is now much easier to keep up with what family, friends or even strangers are doing. At the same time, it's also possible for potential employers to keep up with what aspiring employees are doing. Some individuals are raising concerns about whether the use of social media by employers may actually be contributing to workplace discrimination problems when it comes to hiring in California.

BET emails cited as evidence of sexual orientation discrimination

California viewers of Black Entertainment Television may be familiar with the gender-bending look of its host B. Scott. However, leaked emails from BET seem to show evidence of what some may consider workplace discrimination as company executives express concern over his "looking like a woman" while hosting on their network. For his part, Scott characterizes his gender identity as nonconforming, although he was born male.

$1.2 million awarded to farm workers in discrimination lawsuit

Due to mistreatment, Del Monte Fresh Produce has agreed to a $1.2 million settlement in a discrimination lawsuit filed on behalf of pineapple farm workers from Thailand. The suit, filed by a California office of the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC), claimed Global Horizons Manpower Inc., a Del Monte contractor, exploited the immigrant workers by making them pay huge fees to obtain employment in the United States and then mistreating them after they become employed. The EEOC further alleged Del Monte should have known that its contractor was engaged in workplace discrimination.

California university accused of racial bias

A report that investigated charges of racial bias at UCLA found that almost all of the faculty members of color had suffered some type of discrimination and that the school wasn't doing enough to address the issue. Even when the charges were investigated, the guilty parties were not usually punished. According to the report school policies on race discrimination were not clear and disciplinary action was not properly enforced against those who violated policies.

Pregnant workers face routine discrimination

Californians may be interested in a new report that claims pregnant women are often denied accommodations and fired as a result of their pregnancy. The report, co-authored by the National Women's Law Center and A Better Balance, says women who face pregnancy discrimination often work in low-wage jobs, where workers may have to stand for 8-10 hours a day. Pregnant women may need additional breaks, or they may be considered to be a liability to the company.

California lawsuit against Chivas alleges discrimination

Two former youth coaches for the Chivas USA soccer team have filed a lawsuit alleging ethnic discrimination. In a twist on the typical workplace discrimination case, the plaintiffs are white males who were fired along with eight other white employees. They claim the employer intentionally discriminated against them because they are not of Latino descent.

Lawsuit over workplace intimidation ends with big settlement

A car dealership will pay five American workers of Afghan origin almost half a million dollars to resolve a discrimination lawsuit. The supervisor at the organization labeled the employees as terrorists and intimidated them. He promised retaliation if they reported his actions. The business must now provide training on employment discrimination to supervisors. The U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission will follow up to ensure the company is treating employees properly. The organization must also publicly post information about the case at their business.

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