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Police department settles sex discrimination lawsuit

Sexual discrimination in California can hurt a person’s self-esteem, in addition to affecting his or her ability to earn a living at a company due to the hostile environment there. This is why it is prohibited under state and federal laws. Two women in a different state recently filed a sex discrimination suit against a police department.

Pregnant workers face routine discrimination

Californians may be interested in a new report that claims pregnant women are often denied accommodations and fired as a result of their pregnancy. The report, co-authored by the National Women's Law Center and A Better Balance, says women who face pregnancy discrimination often work in low-wage jobs, where workers may have to stand for 8-10 hours a day. Pregnant women may need additional breaks, or they may be considered to be a liability to the company.

'50 Shades' of sexual harassment

It seems like everyone is talking about "50 Shades of Grey." The erotic romance, which started as an e-Book and gained a huge word-of-mouth following in California and across the nation, is now the best selling paperback of all time. There is even a movie in the works. With such a huge following, it was perhaps inevitable that the book would become a popular topic of discussion at the proverbial water cooler. However, is it appropriate to have workplace discussions about a book that some have dubbed "mommy porn"? Could such discussions lead to claims of sexual harassment? Many employers today are struggling with these questions.Sexual harassment is a type of sex discrimination that is prohibited by both federal law and the laws of California. Unlawful sexual harassment includes conduct of a sexual nature that unreasonably interferes with an employee's ability to do his or her job or that creates an offensive or hostile working environment. The bottom line is that some people may be extremely uncomfortable to hear their co-workers talking about the sexually explicit content and themes of "50 Shades of Grey." If the discussions are unwelcome and pervasive, they may give rise to a claim of sexual harassment.

Disabled California employer sued for sexual harassment

A quadriplegic man who practices law out of his home required his female legal assistants to learn how to care for him on a personal level before allowing them to perform legal assistant duties. He required the employees to learn how to get him out of bed and take off his clothes as well as put him in a swimming suit for him to use a hot tub. They had to know how to do these tasks in case the man's personal assistant was not available, according to the lawsuit. Not surprisingly, they felt uncomfortable caring for their employer in such an intimate manner. However, they were afraid to express their feelings out of fear of being fired. The employees have now expressed their feelings in a sexual harassment lawsuit against the employer.

California lawsuit alleges sex and pregnancy discrimination

A seven-year employee of Zionist Organization of America accuses the organization of workplace discrimination and wrongful termination after she took maternity leave. The organization's president took the stand as the final witness in the bench trial last week. The employee was the California-based national director for the group's campus activities department. The group advocates on issues regarding Israel and has an estimated $4 million budget.

Sexual harassment lawsuit filed by Mercer County Sheriff's deputy

A former Sheriff's Deputy with the Mercer County Sheriff's Department has filed a lawsuit claiming he was harassed on the job due to his sexual orientation. The lawsuit claims he was wrongfully terminated because he is gay. The suit, filed in San Francisco County Superior Court, is seeking $5 million in damages for emotional distress and lost wages that resulted from his wrongful termination.

EEOC rules transgender employees are protected by Title VII

The United States Equal Employment Opportunity Commission ruled last week that transgender individuals are indeed protected under the Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964. This act prohibits employment discrimination based on sex, among other protected classes. The EEOC ruling stated that intentionally discriminating against a transgender individual because they are transgender is a form of sex discrimination.

Social media access may bring illegal bias in hiring practices

Discriminating against an employee is illegal, whether or not the discrimination was intentional. The alarming trend of employers requesting access to an applicant's Facebook account can result in an employer unwittingly discriminating against a prospective employee based on information learned in the review of the applicant's account. Since California has some of the most comprehensive laws preventing employment discrimination, employers must follow strict rules in their interviewing and hiring practices.

Staffing company ordered to pay in pregnancy discrimination suit

A federal judge ordered a medical staffing company to pay $148,000 to a former employee for discriminating against the woman because she was pregnant. According to the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, the lawsuit claimed the company's owner discriminated against the employee when he made offensive comments to her about her pregnancy and then fired her because she wanted to take maternity leave after her son was born.

Another case of potential workplace discrimination based on pregnancy

Last time, we wrote about a mother who was allegedly fired from her workplace because she wanted the option to pump breast milk at work. Another example of potential workplace discrimination based on pregnancy or sex has recently reached the headlines. Worker advocates say the woman's case is an example of the inconsistent enforcement of pregnancy discrimination laws.

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