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Tough times could lead employers to put the squeeze on workers

It's no secret that people in Fresno, California, are feeling the effects of the weak economy. While individuals and families do what they can to get by, cutting out unnecessary expenses whenever possible, employers and businesses are doing the same thing. In some cases, however, that can lead to violations of California or federal wage and hour laws.

California warehouse workers sue for overtime wages

A second lawsuit has been filed against a logistics company alleging the company broke state wage and hour laws. The lawsuit claims company officials constructed an illegal scheme that required employees to work overtime hours without actually having to pay them the higher overtime wages. The suit is seeking class action status and was filed on behalf of three employees.

Former intern sues fashion magazine for federal wage and hour violations

A former unpaid intern for the fashion magazine Harper's Bazaar has filed a federal wage and hour lawsuit against the magazine's corporate parent the Hearst Corporation. The former unpaid intern claims she often worked full-time for the magazine even though she was not paid thereby violating federal wage and hour laws. The intern and her attorneys are also hoping to gain class action status.

Obama Administration proposes FLSA coverage for home care workers

Many families use the assistance of home care workers to help care for older family members. But, home care workers are not protected by federal wage and hour laws that guarantee minimum wage and overtime pay like other workers who receive an hourly wage. Things may soon change because the Obama Administration recently announced proposed regulations that would give home care workers minimum wage and overtime protection.

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