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Utility workers who were not allowed to take lunch breaks


Dairy farm workers who were not paid overtime


Beverage company CFO who was terminated because of age discrimination


Food company CEO and CFO who were terminated after refusing to engage in illegal price fixing and unlawful food labeling practices


Cement truck drivers who were not allowed to take lunch and rest breaks

Attorneys Fighting Harassment And Discrimination

The workday started like any other, but then your manager asked you to come into an office and a human resources representative was there, too. What do you do after you hear the dreaded words, “We are terminating your employment effective today”?

Seek legal advice from a Northern California attorney who routinely handles employment law matters. Wrongful termination cases are difficult to win because the law is complex and ever-changing.

Challenging Your Employer

If you file a lawsuit, you need to know that your employer will likely hire a big law firm from San Francisco or Los Angeles that focuses on employment law. Attorneys who advertise for personal injury, bankruptcy and family law cases will not keep up with these big firms. Taking your case to a general practice-type firm is comparable to having a family practice physician perform brain surgery. Do not make this mistake.


Compare Our Attorneys

These big firms do not scare us. We see them over and over while fighting to get our clients the results they deserve.

The Fresno employment lawyers at Bryant Whitten, LLP, represent only employees. We do not represent companies or employers.

When you are deciding on the right attorney to handle your case, please tell us your story, hear what we can do to help and compare us to the other attorneys. Then, make a confident decision you are hiring an attorney who will know how to handle your case.

Results For Clients Across Northern California

Our accomplished litigators, Shelley Bryant and Amanda Whitten, know proven trial strategies to ensure that even the biggest employers are held responsible for economic and emotional damages. We have taken on major corporations including Walmart, Verizon and Taco Bell, to name a few.

Please send us an email to schedule a confidential consultation to discuss your rights and available legal remedies. We are here to help you fight back against employment discrimination and other types of abusive practices.

Were You Fired/Forced To Resign? We Can Help With Answers

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