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Employment Discrimination Against Pregnant Workers And New Moms

Some employers have no patience, compassion or scruples when it comes to employee pregnancies. Despite specific rights under state and federal law, pregnancy discrimination is all too common.

  • Did your employer terminate you or mistreat you because you got pregnant?
  • Were you reprimanded or was your pay docked for going to doctor’s appointments?
  • Did your employer refuse to make allowances for your pregnancy?
  • Were you forced to take sick leave, disability leave or maternity leave?

Employers cannot discriminate, harass or retaliate on the basis of pregnancy. They are also required to make reasonable accommodations regarding medical appointments, pregnancy-related absences and job duties. Bryant Whitten, LLP, can evaluate your case and pursue your legal remedies.

If you believe your rights were violated during your pregnancy or after you gave birth, contact us today for a confidential consultation. We handle employment discrimination throughout Northern California.

We Fight For Pregnancy Rights

Our attorneys have held major employers accountable for pregnancy discrimination under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), the California Family Rights Act (CFRA), the Pregnancy Discrimination Act and the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

Under these state and federal laws:

  • You cannot be denied leave for prenatal care visits, morning sickness and other reasons directly related to pregnancy.
  • You cannot be disciplined or docked for pregnancy-related absences.
  • You cannot be fired for getting pregnant or taking maternity leave.
  • You have a right to return to your workplace and the same or comparable job.
  • Your employer cannot dictate when you take medical leave.

Under the ADA, pregnancy is recognized as a short-term disability. Employers are required to make reasonable accommodations such as:

  • Time off for doctor’s appointments
  • Shorter shifts or workweeks
  • More frequent bathroom breaks and rest breaks
  • Adjusted job duties or production goals

Asserting Employer Accommodations For Pregnancy And Childbirth

We have settled several pregnancy discrimination cases for $500,000 or more in lawsuits against some of the biggest employers in California. These cases started with a confidential consultation with one of our experienced and compassionate employee rights lawyers.

Whether you are still working and want to keep your job or you have quit or been fired, our pregnancy discrimination attorneys are here to support you and fight for your compensation.

Contact us for a free initial review of your claim. We are committed to upholding the rights of vulnerable employees, and we are eager to show you how we can help.

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