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Review of rights of pregnant employees

There are many women in the Fresno area who work hard to balance both their desire or even need to hold down a full-time job against their desire to have a family.

The balancing act is particularly difficult when a woman is actually going through a pregnancy, as it means that the woman may have doctor appointments, medical issues and the like to deal with during work hours. Additionally, being pregnant means several weeks off following childbirth, and a woman may even decide after having her child to take on the role of a stay-at-home mom.

Harassment in customer service should not be the standard

There’s no field that is completely immune from harassment in one form or another. Though it seems that the more people you deal with on a daily basis, the more likely you are to be the victim of harassment.

It seems no matter how much management declares a “zero tolerance” policy, there are always people who think the rules don’t apply to them.

Quid pro quo harassment can damage an employee's career

Individuals who work in California are protected from harassment and discrimination when they are performing the duties of their jobs. The laws that apply to many employers ensure that workers are not treated badly by their employers due to the workers' races, genders, religious beliefs and other protected classes. Workers are also protected from sexual harassment when they are at work through the application of several important laws.

One particularly damaging form of sexual harassment that some workers face is quid pro quo harassment. This form harassment basically places a condition on an employee's acquiescence to a sexual request to getting a positive employment action. For example, an employer may claim that a worker must go on a date with them if the worker wants to be considered for a promotion.

What is age discrimination?

When a new California high school or college graduate begins their job search to enter the work force they may discover that they lack the experience to take on some types of work. However, once they get their foot in the door and begin building their work history their options for employment may become more robust as they prove themselves in the context of an occupation. It may seem, then, that older workers who have put in their time and built up their careers may have an easier time advancing in and moving to new careers due to their experiences.

This, sadly, is not always the case because age discrimination is a very real and very damaging problem for some individuals. Age discrimination happens when an employer makes an employment decision, such as taking adverse action against an employee or hiring a new worker, based on an applicant's age.

California restraint owner charged with sexual harassment

We all have expectations for what it will be like working at our place of employment. Maybe we fall short when it comes to day-to-day work tasks, but one expectation that should always exist is being treated properly in the workplace. Unfortunately, this does not always happen. An employee might feel mistreated or harassed. Even more so, an employee may find that these acts are sexual in nature, leading to a sexual harassment suit.

According to recent reports, a restraint owner in Chula Vista faces allegations of sexual harassment. Based on reports, the owner of Tapioca Express, an Asian-themed fast food chain, is accused of wrapping his arms around two female employees, pressed his body up against them, and made inappropriate comments about their bodies.

Helping you take action against pregnancy discrimination

Female employees fight for equality across the nation. While some strides have been made, the difference is treatment can be obviously seen at times. It is known that all women have the potential to bear children; however, some employees use an employee's pregnancy as an excuse to alter their work assignment, transfer them or even demote or terminate them. Taking such action when an employee is pregnant is not only a form of discrimination but it is also illegal.

Although state and federal laws outline the rights afforded to pregnant employees, some employers clearly do not have patience, compassion or empathy when it comes to dealing with employees that are pregnant. At Bryant Whitten, LLP, our experienced law firm understands the difficulties and challenges such a situation can cause an employee. Thus, we are dedicated to helping employees in the Fresno area understand their rights and options.

Big name companies sued over discriminatory hiring ads

Everyday consumers are exposed to advertisements in some form, but many people don't realize that they aren't always seeing the same ads as their fellow neighbor. In fact, websites such as Facebook and Instagram allow companies to create customized audiences to decide who sees their advertisements. In many aspects, this marketing strategy can be convenient and successful. After all, 16-year-olds would be less likely to engage in campaigns related to divorce than they would with celebrity gossip.

However, a recent lawsuit alleges that some companies have taken this concept too far. Here's why some are saying that older workers are being pushed out of the job market and how the law may be able to offer them relief.

Women share maternity leave experiences

All across the nation, women have to make certain choices when it comes to staying home after the birth of their babies. Some women have few options when it comes to paid maternity leave, while other women find that they are able to easily take the time off. Under California law, women are offered Family and Medical Leave Act leave and a six week state-sponsored disability leave.

8 California workers sue for sexual harassment

A workplace that was supposed to be a training ground for new and disabled workers was the target of a recent lawsuit. Eight workers won a settlement against a California Goodwill franchise and its affiliate after claiming sexual harassment. The workers said that they were repeatedly harassed by their direct supervisor.

California police officer claims employment discrimination

A worker has the right to be free from bigotry while at work. Recently, a California police officer filed a claim alleging that he had been a victim of employment discrimination. He says that his religion played a role in his mistreatment. The department maintains that his claims were taken seriously and some sources say that the man was also guilty of using racially-charged terms.

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