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Representing Sexual Harassment Victims In Northern California

  • Have you endured unwanted advances from a co-worker or supervisor?
  • Have you been sexually assaulted or subjected to sexual touching?
  • Are you exposed to sexually explicit images or language in the workplace?
  • Have you suffered reprisal for reporting harassment or asking management to address inappropriate behavior?

Employers have a duty to prevent sexual harassment through policies and education. They have a duty to take your complaints seriously and make the harassment stop. Employers are accountable if they fail to take firm action or retaliate against you for speaking up.

If you have suffered workplace sexual harassment in any form, our employee rights attorneys provide compassionate support and aggressive pursuit of your remedies. We have represented women, men and teenage workers across the Central Valley, the Bay Area and Northern California. Contact us today for a confidential discussion.

Sexual Harassment · Hostile Work Environment · Gender Discrimination

Bryant Whitten, LLP, is your strong advocate if you have suffered overt harassment or sexually charged behavior that creates a hostile work environment. We have helped clients obtain notable recoveries through out-of-court settlements and at trial. and Shelley Bryant are known for taking on major employers and government entities. They have the courtroom experience, litigation strategies and technological savvy to help the average employee stand up to these powerful corporations to demand justice.

What Is Considered Sexual Harassment?

Many employees do not know where the line is drawn or do not feel comfortable reporting sexual harassment or confronting the abuser. Sexual harassment can be perpetrated by co-workers, a supervisor or manager, or even a customer or client. It can occur in the open or in private. It can be male to female, female to male or same-sex harassment.

Sexual harassment can include:

  • Sexual contact: assault, touching, hugging, kissing
  • Unwelcome advances, unwanted gifts, stalking behavior
  • Quid pro quo threats (job consequences unless you submit)
  • Sexual texts, emails or phone calls, or sexual pictures, jokes and innuendo
  • Suggestive or demeaning comments about your body or clothing
  • Other behavior that makes you fearful or uncomfortable

We Are Here To Protect You And To Fight For You

Sexual harassment is illegal. Yet victims often feel trapped or helpless. You worry about your job. You worry you won’t be believed or that you will get fired for speaking out. You don’t want to make waves or get anyone in trouble — you just want it to stop.

You do not have to put up with the abuse. You will not be alone when you decide to speak up. Our employee rights lawyers will support you in reporting harassment and filing a claim. We will support you through the process of holding the employer accountable for what you have suffered.

Contact us to arrange a confidential consultation with sexual harassment attorneys who are committed to justice and equipped to take on big corporations.