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We Fight For Employee Rights By Taking On Large Corporations

  • Are you worried that your employer will have an army of attorneys that you could never compete against?
  • Are you looking for lawyers who can take on that army of attorneys but still offer you one-on-one service and all the advantages of a small law firm?
  • Do you want lawyers who will use the newest technology to build your case, search for that smoking gun evidence and then effectively present it to a jury in an exciting way?

At Bryant Whitten, LLP, we are known throughout the state for showing no fear in taking on the biggest companies around when they have violated their employees’ rights. We have an extensive list of successful cases because of our attention to detail and use of technology.

If you believe you are being harassed, discriminated against, retaliated against or if you have been wrongfully terminated, then you need an efficient and effective attorney who has the technical skills and innovative approach necessary to build your case and then persuade a jury that you should be compensated.

Schedule a free consultation by email to learn more about our employment law firm. We are here, ready and willing to represent employees like you and sue any employer in the country.

Well-Known Across Northern California

You might think that because you work for a big company that is represented by a big law firm, you need a big city downtown law firm to represent you. At Bryant Whitten, LLP, we have designed our system to match the resources and approaches of these large firms. We do not shy away from taking on complex cases against large employers and big companies that demand specialized skill and innovative experience.

Our trial attorneys graduated from prestigious schools, have practiced in various courts on the state and federal level, and have been successful in all types of employment cases through effective negotiation and energetic and innovative litigation approaches.

Finding The Needle In The Haystack

Everything our trial lawyers do is heavily reliant on the latest technology to help streamline our cases and make us more efficient and effective. We organize all of our cases through database programs that keep track of tens of thousands of documents, other pieces of evidence and witnesses. Every fact, idea or argument that ever comes up in your case is tracked so that nothing ever falls through the cracks. We use technology effectively.

Big firms routinely try to defeat plaintiffs by “burying them” in documents. This does not scare our attorneys because we have the tools to review every page they produce, efficiently but without missing important details – we know how to find that needle in the haystack that will make a difference in your case. Our firm is able to litigate a case at the same level as any of the big firms around because we work harder and smarter. We have no problems investing the same amount of money into our cases as the large firms do. We have traveled all over the country to take witness depositions and collect evidence to build our cases.

We are prepared to hire the right experts when needed as well. This includes expert economists who help calculate what monetary damages you have suffered as well as experts in human resources and mental health issues to help evaluate your claims. We also routinely use private investigators to track down important witnesses and information.

A Track Record Of Success At Trial

We take our representation of you seriously and live up to our duty to leave no stone unturned so that we can present your case to a jury in a way that has an effective impact.

Our attorneys are proven trial lawyers and at trial we use technology seamlessly to present your case to the jury with computer projectors and specialized graphics. Call 510-464-8073 to speak to our California employment law attorneys.