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Righting The Wrongs Of Employment Law Violations

If you have suffered from abuse or civil rights violations in the workplace, you may have a healthy fear of reprisal. Perhaps you have already been victimized when an employer retaliated. At Bryant Whitten, LLP, we are committed to holding employers accountable for discrimination, harassment, retaliation, labor violations and other abuses on the job. We serve clients across the Central Valley and Northern California.

Shelley Bryant, one of our partner attorneys, began his career advising  and representing companies before switching to upholding the rights of employees. Partner attorney Amanda Whitten has likewise dedicated her practice to holding major employers accountable for employment abuses and retaliatory tactics.

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Whether you are still employed and looking over your shoulder or you have been fired or forced to quit to escape the abuse, our attorneys understand your position. We provide a safe atmosphere for you to tell your story and explore your options. We offer caring and compassionate counsel for people whose employers wronged them, and we will aggressively pursue compensation if you decide to go forward with a claim.

Fearless Litigators Who Take On Goliaths

We represent workers and individuals — not corporations — in employment-related legal issues and civil rights litigation. Our attorneys have gone to trial together many times and have developed the techniques to successfully wage litigation against large corporations. Armed with courtroom experience and litigation management technology, Mr. Bryant and Ms. Whitten have a reputation for delivering notable settlements and verdicts in complex and high-profile lawsuits against employers.

Find Out Where You Stand And How We Can Help

We invite you to contact us today to arrange a free initial review of your case. We have convenient locations to discuss your case in a casual setting. You can call our Fresno office at 559-216-1265, our San Luis Obispo office at 805-328-6206, our Oakland office at 510-901-0774 or our San Francisco office at 415-830-8941. To reach us online, just send us an email.