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Wrongful Discharge And Other Employer Retaliation

Sometimes invoking your rights or “doing the right thing” is not viewed favorably by employers. The backlash may not be direct or immediate, but the effect is to silence or punish those who speak up.

  • Were you terminated after filing a claim or reporting violations?
  • Were you transferred to a different branch or assigned different duties?
  • Did your employer suddenly give you a bad performance review?
  • Did management make your job so unbearable that you quit?

Bryant Whitten, LLP, holds employers accountable for wrongful termination or reprisal. If you suffered any adverse employment action for raising safety concerns, reporting or refusing to engage in illegal acts, or bringing claims against the company, we will vigorously pursue your compensation, reinstatement or other recourse.

We handle wrongful discharge, constructive discharge and retaliation litigation in the Central Valley, the Bay Area and surrounding Northern California. Contact us today for a confidential consultation with an experienced employment law attorney.

We Hold Employers Accountable For Workplace Retaliation

Trial lawyers and Shelley Bryant have held many employers accountable for wrongful termination and other retaliatory actions. In particular, they are known for their ability and willingness to go after large corporations that have considerable resources to deflect such lawsuits. In spite of the David versus Goliath dynamic, they have helped clients obtain notable recoveries through settlements and trial verdicts.

Employers do not need a reason to terminate your employment. However, it is illegal under California and federal laws to terminate or retaliate against a worker for:

  • Reporting safety violations to the company or government officials
  • Reporting fraud, environmental abuses or other illegal activity
  • Refusing to commit illegal acts or participate in a cover-up
  • Filing a lawsuit for harassment or other employment violations
  • Filing workers’ comp or taking leave

It is also illegal to discriminate against you in layoffs on the basis of your age, race, sex, disability, pregnancy or other protected status.

Exposing Retaliation Through Investigation

Employers rarely fire a person on the spot for the reasons cited above. They will often bide their time and take steps behind the scenes to set the employee up for eventual termination. We delve into employee records, the timing of events, witness testimony and other evidence to connect the dots. For example, if you received good reviews and promotions until you reported wrongdoing or filed a claim, we will reveal how the sudden bad reviews and adverse actions are no coincidence.

We handle lawsuits for wrongful termination, reprisal actions and constructive discharge, including whistleblower retaliation.

Proven And Compassionate Representation

We know how devastating it is to be fired when you have done nothing wrong. We pursue maximum damages for back pay, front pay, damage to reputation and emotional distress, as well as punitive damages when applicable.

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Contact us for a free initial review of your claim for illegal firing or whistleblower backlash. No matter how big the company, we are committed to upholding your rights and exposing employers’ illegal tactics.