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Upholding The Rights Of Workers Who Report Wrongs

Employees who come forward about wrongdoing often suffer severe backlash, including termination. There are plenty of reasons to keep quiet, but there are also strong legal protections for those brave enough to speak up about illegal or unethical conduct.

  • Do you have knowledge of illegal actions by your employer?
  • Have you witnessed blatant safety violations?
  • Were you coerced to engage in criminal acts?
  • Have you suffered retaliation for reporting violations?
  • Are you worried about your job or safety?

California and federal whistleblower laws protect those who report fraud, environmental abuses, safety violations and other illegal activities. You cannot be fired. You cannot be transferred, reassigned, demoted or otherwise punished or intimidated for doing the right thing.

Bryant Whitten, LLP, has obtained settlements and verdicts for workers who suffered wrongful termination and other whistleblower retaliation. We can help you report illegal activities through a qui tam action or represent you if you have suffered any adverse employment action.

We handle whistleblower cases in the Central Valley, the Bay Area and surrounding Northern California. Contact us today for a confidential consultation.

Strong Advocacy For Whistleblower Retaliation

We represent employees who experienced retaliatory discharge or other backlash after making whistleblower reports of activities such as:

  • Defrauding the government (Medicare billing, federal agency contracts)
  • Fraud, reporting or accounting violations under Sarbanes-Oxley
  • OSHA violations in the workplace
  • Illegal dumping or pollution
  • Bribery and corruption

Asserting And Protecting Your Whistleblower Rights

Sometimes whistleblowers suffer retaliation after bringing illegal activity to the attention of a supervisor or upper management. Sometimes the retaliation occurs after the whistleblower’s identity is revealed when the government files a formal qui tam lawsuit against the company. Reprisal can take many forms:

  • Discharge or transfer
  • Demotion or stripping of job duties
  • Negative performance reviews or job references
  • Harassment, reprimands and a hostile work environment

We have held major corporations accountable for wrongful termination and retaliation, including numerous whistleblower cases. Accomplished trial lawyers and Shelley Bryant are not afraid to go all the way to a jury — no matter who the employer is — to obtain justice for you.

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Contact our whistleblower attorneys for an explanation of your rights and a free evaluation of your retaliation claim. We are here to protect you from further adverse action and hold the employer accountable.