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We Fight For Equal Pay Rights

Your rate of pay should be based on nothing more than your ability to perform in a job role. Unfortunately, many employees do not receive equal pay for their work due to gender discrimination or other bias from their employer.

  • Are you being unfairly compensated at work?
  • Do you perform the same job duties as other employees but receive less pay?
  • Do you believe you were denied equal pay due to gender discrimination or another form of bias?

At Bryant Whitten, LLP, we aggressively advocate for the rights of employees. As skilled negotiators and seasoned trial lawyers, we are not afraid to take on major corporations. We have successfully pursued cases against some of the largest companies in the country, obtaining notable recoveries for our clients through out-of-court negotiations and at trial.

Is Your Employer Violating The Equal Pay Act (EPA)?

To combat issues over unequal pay, the Equal Pay Act (EPA) was enacted in 1963. The EPA was designed to rectify the pay gap that was present (and still exists) between men and women performing the same job role. This Act prohibits employers from paying workers less on the basis of their gender.

Discriminatory Reasons To Be Denied Equal Pay

A worker may be denied fair pay because of gender bias, or other discriminatory reasons, including:

  • Pregnancy
  • Race
  • Ageism
  • Disability
  • Other medical conditions

If you have been denied equal pay due to any form of bias or discrimination, you may be able to seek fair compensation by filing a claim against your employer. Our experienced California employment law attorneys, and Shelley Bryant, will work diligently to identify your specific needs and develop an effective strategy to help you stand up against the wrongdoing of your employer.

Demand Justice Today

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