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Spa being sued for pregnancy discrimination

On Behalf of | Jun 10, 2013 | Firm News, Workplace Discrimination

A spa located in California is being sued for pregnancy discrimination. According to one woman who is suing the spa, she was an employee for nine years and managed to obtain a corporate position in the company thanks to her hard work. When she announced her pregnancy, she reportedly faced negative comments, and some co-workers made statements about women not returning to work after giving birth. After she went on maternity leave, things did not improve. Though the woman in question stated that she attempted to do her job well, she was dealing with a hostile work environment.

This woman is not the only who is going after the spa for pregnancy discrimination. Another woman, who was a member of spa management, ran into problems with the employer after she became pregnant. Unlike the first woman, the initial response to her announcement was positive. However, once she went on maternity leave, she was passed up for promotion and did not get a chance to even compete for it. Additionally, once she returned to work, her wages went from being salary to hourly, which lowered her income.

According to statements from those who are involved, seven or more women may have been discriminated against by the company. A lawyer representing the women has stated that the actions of the spa are violations of the fair employment and housing act.

If someone has been discriminated against by their employer, they may feel helpless and afraid that they will lose their job if they bring attention to the matter. However, people in these situation have rights, and a lawyer may be able to help them understand their employer’s legal obligations to them.

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