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April 2014 Archives

Workplace sexual harassment claim settled

Typical standards for keeping a job often include being able to make an established quota, follow directions and arrive at work on time. People legally should not be required to put up with sexual harassment in order to claim or keep a job. However, this type of behavior takes place every day at workplaces across the U.S. If a California resident is a victim of hostile work environment due to workplace sexual harassment, he or she can take legal action.

Welder claims to be victim of workplace race discrimination

An individual has no choice in what his or her race will be. Being discriminated against on this basis may therefore seem unfair and cause frustration for an employee in California. Race discrimination is not simply unjust; it is illegal. If individuals are mistreated because of their skin color, they have the right to seek justice.

Workplace discrimination based on age still a problem

Getting older is frowned upon by many in today's society. People may be worried about their looks changing or even about being turned down for jobs simply due to their age. Despite the fact that age discrimination is illegal in California, it remains a real problem. In some cases, years of experience simply are not enough to get an older person the job they want due to the existence of workplace discrimination.

Companies' social media use may lead to workplace discrimination

In today's social media age, people often enjoy the benefits of being connected to others around the country and even the globe. It is now much easier to keep up with what family, friends or even strangers are doing. At the same time, it's also possible for potential employers to keep up with what aspiring employees are doing. Some individuals are raising concerns about whether the use of social media by employers may actually be contributing to workplace discrimination problems when it comes to hiring in California.

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