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Police department settles sex discrimination lawsuit

On Behalf of | May 30, 2014 | Firm News, Workplace Discrimination

Sexual discrimination in California can hurt a person’s self-esteem, in addition to affecting his or her ability to earn a living at a company due to the hostile environment there. This is why it is prohibited under state and federal laws. Two women in a different state recently filed a sex discrimination suit against a police department.

The women sued the police department and the township, a police chief who had retired, an acting chief and a police captain. They alleged that they were constantly denied promotions, which were given to men who were less qualified for the positions. The women also claimed they were not given special assignments or opportunities to train.

Their work environment was hostile, they claimed, and included comments that were sexually crude. When one of the women complained to the former police chief, the man told her that the field was dominated by men and that this would not change, according to the suit. The township recently agreed to settle the suit by paying more than $600,000 to the two women and granting them promotions.

The two women will now be sergeants. They also will now have the chance to take many training courses. The two were promoted in early May. When a person is subject to sex discrimination, he or she has the right to file a claim against the employer thought to have perpetrated the illegal activity. A successful result may lead to the reinstatement of a job, a promotion or monetary relief, based on the specific of one’s case in California.

Source:, “Neptune cops settle sex discrimination claims for $660K“, Kathleen Hopkins, May 23, 2014



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