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Teacher files race discrimination case against school district

On Behalf of | May 23, 2014 | Firm News, Workplace Discrimination

An individual in California has the right to a discrimination-free workplace. When this doesn’t happen and the person is mistreated based on his or her race or sex, for example, the employee can take action against the employer through the legal system. One black teacher in another state has sued a school district on the basis of race discrimination.

The woman said her school district had essentially engaged in racial discrimination when the instructional coach at the time passed out the poems during a staff professional development meeting. She was told to read a particular poem in public, but she felt the poem was racially offensive, according to the suit. The teacher said she was the only black instructor at the meeting.

The woman said that following the poem incident, staff at the school retaliated against and harassed her. She was called various names and mistreated in front of other staff and students, she said. However, a representative of the district said it prohibits any actions that are discriminatory against people based upon their being a certain race. The district investigates these matters thoroughly, she said. It also strives to encourage cultural tolerance and competency, according to officials there.

If individuals are experiencing race discrimination and are being subjected to hostile working environments, they can defend their rights by filing a claim against the company deemed responsible for the activity. When a case is fought successfully in California, different reparations may result. These can include back pay and reinstatement in a position, for example.

Source: Federal Way Mirror, “Federal Way teacher files lawsuit against school district over racial discrimination“, Carrie Rodriguez, May 16, 2014



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