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Teacher says she is victim of workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | May 9, 2014 | Firm News, Workplace Discrimination

A teacher in a neighboring state recently claimed that she has been the target of race discrimination. Workplace discrimination on the basis of race, which can be demeaning and may hurt a person’s ability to stay employed at a company, is prohibited. A person who is a victim of such mistreatment has the right to seek the protection of his or her rights in California.

In this particular situation, a high school teacher said that both administrators and students at the high school tormented her due to her race. She said she filed a suit against the institution as well as the school district. Since then, the discrimination problems have worsened, she said.

The English teacher said that students openly disrespect her. In fact, one video posted online showed that students were striking her in the head with paper while she tried to guard her face from them. She said she has also been mocked on social media, being told to register for a black dating site and being labeled a prostitute.

The woman said one photo posted of her portrayed her as a minstrel, which was offensive since in American history, minstrel shows were used to imitate African-Americans in an exaggerated and derogatory manner. When a worker in California experiences workplace discrimination, this can affect his or her self-esteem and cause mental anguish. When he or she chooses to sue the alleged offender, seeking restitution for the wrong done, the individual may be awarded monetary relief if he or she prevails in this type of case.

Source:, “Ariz. Teacher Sues High School for Racial Discrimination”, Breanna Edwards, May 5, 2014



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