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Female teacher files age discrimination suit

On Behalf of | Jun 12, 2014 | Firm News, Workplace Discrimination

Being mistreated can be an offense to any employee in California, especially when it’s based on age. As a person gets older in today’s society, some companies tend to look down on the person, believing that he or she no longer has much to offer. However, older individuals are protected from age discrimination by federal legislation.

One female teacher in a different state recently filed an age discrimination suit against her education department. The woman, who is 72 years old, claimed she was given unsatisfactory ratings in an effort to push her into retirement. The ratings also kept her from being allowed to take part in extracurricular activities with pupils.

The woman further claimed that she received poor ratings because she had filed a human rights complaint at the state level, and her school was retaliating against her for doing so. However, an assistant principal complained that the woman showed favoritism to particular students and struggled to work with students for whom English was their second language as well as students with disabilities. Still, the woman said she was offended to be told she was poor at grammar after having taught English for five decades in her school.

A trial will take place in the fall regarding the age discrimination case. When a person is not treated properly in the workplace because of his or her age, it can have a negative impact on his or her self-perception and even lead to a financially devastating demotion or termination. The individual in California has the right to take the matter to court, seeking to hold the allegedly offending employer responsible for any illicit behavior.

Source: New York Daily News, “Discrimination lawsuit filed by Queens high school teacher, 72, will proceed: 92-year-old judge“, John Marzulli, June 7, 2014



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