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Man claims he was victim of age-based workplace discrimination

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2014 | Firm News, Workplace Discrimination

Just as a person cannot control his or her race, a person also has no control over his or her age. Being mistreated at work due to one’s age, whether young or old, is grounds for a workplace discrimination suit in California. One man in another state recently filed a claim against his employer, accusing the company of terminating him due to his age.

The lawsuit was filed in late May against Bealls. According to the suit, the man served as a manager over one of the store’s districts. He had been working there for almost a year and a half.

During his tenure, the man had gotten a new supervisor who the former employee suspected of favoring district managers who were younger. The former employee claims in his suit that the other district managers received more guidance, assessments and training. The man is seeking several damages, including both front and back pay. In addition, he is seeking court costs, pain and anguish damages and punitive damages.

Being demoted or fired because of one’s age in California can make a person feel insecure in addition to threatening his or her livelihood. For this reason, federal legislation states that workplace discrimination on the basis of age is unlawful. If an individual is a victim of such disparate treatment, he or she has the right to sue the employer considered responsible for perpetrating or allowing illegal behavior. Compensation for out-of-pocket expenses or even emotional harm related to the case may result from a successful suit.

Source: Southeast Texas Record, “Employee sues Bealls claiming age discrimination“, Melody Dareing, June 2, 2014



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