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California case regarding Apple deals with wage and hour laws

On Behalf of | Jul 31, 2014 | Firm News, Wage And Hour Laws

Working a long day can be tiresome for any employee. Therefore, it is important that employers follow standards that allow workers to take meal and other breaks at appropriate times throughout the workday. If employers fail to give their workers breaks, they could be in violation of wage and hour laws. Should workers feel that they are not being given breaks or not being compensated properly for a lack of breaks, a legal situation could ensue.

A lawsuit against Apple was recently given class-action status by a judge in California. This suit stems from employees claiming that they were not given meal and rest times while on the job. It was also reported that they were not compensated for their continued working without these breaks. The case now encompasses approximately 21,000 individuals who are currently working or formerly worked for Apple during a four-year period.

Evidence was provided in the case that caused the judge to deem class-action status appropriate, including scheduling issues at Apple. Furthermore, state laws address issues concerning breaks and the proper compensation for missed breaks for employees. Because there is now a significant number of individuals being considered in this case, Apple could potentially owe millions of dollars in compensation if the ruling in the case is against them.

Wage and hour laws are very important in order to ensure that workers are not being taken advantage of. As this situation shows, if employees are not given proper breaks or proper compensation, taking legal action may be appropriate. If individuals are concerned with their pay, breaks or other employment issues, information on California employment regulations could be helpful.

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