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Woman files workplace discrimination suit against UCLA

On Behalf of | Jul 3, 2014 | Firm News, Workplace Discrimination

One woman who used to work at UCLA in California claims that race and age discrimination caused her to lose her job. She also claims that she was let go because she complained about the conduct of her supervisor. As a result, she filed a workplace discrimination suit against the school on a recent Wednesday.

The black woman who filed the suit is 59 years old, and she is pursuing unspecified damages. She had filled the role of administrative assistant for the school’s economics department for nearly a couple of years and had gotten good reviews, she said. However, she claims that, when she applied to take part in a unique program and touted her licensing in the psychiatric rehabilitation field, her white supervisor essentially mocked her.

The supervisor allegedly made other racially disparaging comments about her in front of a colleague and even labeled her dyslexic in front of students and colleagues. When the woman complained to the HR department and filed a harassment and discrimination complaint, she ended up being suspended for poor performance, and some of her pay was withheld, according to the suit. She was later fired.

If a person is let go from a job or demoted as a result of employment discrimination, this can be emotionally and financially harmful. This is why workplace discrimination is illegal, according to federal law. It is within the rights of workers in California who face disparaging treatment on the basis of their race, sex or other protected factors to file claims against the employers in an effort to hold them responsible for their alleged unlawful actions in our state.

Source:, “Former UCLA Employee Files Racial and Age Discrimination Lawsuit“, , June 26, 2014



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