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July 2015 Archives

Apple workers file a class-action lawsuit for unpaid overtime

Two employees of Apple Inc. in California have filed a class-action lawsuit against the company. The plaintiffs claim that they are missing out on overtime pay because they are being subjected to bag checks. These searches are being performed in front of customers and after the workers are finished working.

California cheerleaders now eligible for overtime and benefits

Recently, cheerleaders from various professional sports teams have filed wage lawsuits because they have been treated like independent contractors. A wage dispute filed on behalf of cheerleaders for the Oakland Raiders prompted Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzales to write a bill. Her bill was recently passed in California and will change the way that cheerleaders are classified to now make them eligible for benefits such as overtime. Gonzales noted that everyone involved in a game day experience works hard and deserves an equal level of respect, including the right to be compensated for their work. 

Gay teacher alleges employment discrimination after being fired

Fairness toward all workers is an important principle for all employers to maintain. Employees in California and elsewhere who feel slighted may believe that they are the victims of employment discrimination. In another state, a Catholic school teacher who happens to be gay claims that he was discriminated against and lost hs job after he announced that he would be marrying his long-time partner.

Wal-Mart faces employment discrimination lawsuit

Discrimination in various forms remains prevalent in California, despite the fact that civil rights laws have been on the books for many years. Subjecting workers to employment discrimination is inexcusable. Unfortunately, employees of large corporations are sometimes exposed to hostile work environments, and taking action may seem an unattainable quest.

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