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Study shows disability discrimination a problem in companies

On Behalf of | Nov 5, 2015 | Firm News, Workplace Discrimination

One study recently showed that individuals with one or more disabilities have a higher chance of facing workplace discrimination than are those without disabilities. The study also showed that discrimination incidences also increased as employees gained more experience. Fortunately, people in California who experience disability discrimination have the right to seek justice through the state’s civil court system.

The recent study specifically looked at groups of cover letters that were sent to potential employers for positions in the accounting field. Some letters indicated that the applicant was disabled, while others did not. The letters included both Asperger’s syndrome and spinal cord injury, neither of which would affect the performance of an accountant.

Based on the study results, the candidates with disabilities were about 26 percent less likely to receive consideration for a job. Experienced job candidates who had disabilities, however, faced 34 percent less interest from employers. The researchers surmised that this had to do with the increase in the investment risk associated with selecting a senior candidate. The results are in line with another study done in 2013 showing that people in the United States who have disabilities are much less likely to have jobs when compared to their non-disabled counterparts.

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act, it is unlawful for companies in California to treat job candidates differently due to disabilities. When disability discrimination happens, the person who was discriminated against retains the right to file a legal claim against the company. Monetary relief for the damages incurred may result from a successfully litigated case.

Source:, “Study Finds People With a Disability Are More Likely to Face Employment Discrimination“, John Levine, Nov. 2, 2015



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