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Fired worker claims he was not paid overtime and was abused

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2016 | Firm News, Wage And Hour Laws

A former employee of Pipeline Energy Group Inc., located outside California, claims that he was abused, underpaid and then fired. He claims that he was not given overtime pay when he was required to work long hours. Furthermore, he alleges he was asked to commit acts that were unlawful. The worker filed a claim against the company as well as two of his supervisors in a circuit court.

The plaintiff was hired as a non-exempt foreman and was with the pipeline for six months. During his tenure, he claims that he was forced to work without a day off. He alleges that some of his shifts could be up to 14 hours long. The foreman asserts that he should have been paid overtime, but he was not, and he could not take rest periods during his long shifts.

The man claims that his problems continued when his supervisors purportedly asked him to purchase items that were not going to be used for the business. He claims that he was also asked to doctor some reports. The plaintiff also maintains that he was verbally abused and forced to endure a hostile work environment. He alleges that he was eventually fired because he protested engaging in illegal behavior.

The defendants are accused of firing the plaintiff unlawfully, forcing him to work in a hostile work environment and denying him overtime pay. He is seeking his lost wages and other associated benefits, monetary damages and legal costs for his case. California employees have every right to complain if they feel that they are being mistreated or underpaid. If the workers go through the proper channels to solve their issues and do not find an agreeable resolution, the aggrieved may consider finding legal representation to determine the next best course of action.

Source:, “Man demands trial in wage and hour violation claims against Pipeline Energy“, Amy Roberts, Dec. 30, 2015



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