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Movie studios sued for overtime pay and harsh working conditions

On Behalf of | Mar 1, 2016 | Firm News, Wage And Hour Laws

Being a part of making movies and television shows may be a dream of many California residents, but those who are doing the job feel much differently. A group of parking production assistants filed lawsuits against major studios, including Lionsgate, Sony Pictures Entertainment and others, on the grounds they were not paid overtime and even forced to work in disgusting conditions. They have filed their lawsuits against the companies in a federal court.

According to the complaints, the role of the parking production assistants was to ensure there were always available parking spaces for movie vehicles. The plaintiffs were allegedly not provided a portable bathroom to use unless filming was happening, which forced the plaintiffs to use buckets or go to nearby businesses. Additionally, the plaintiffs were apparently forced to use their own vehicles for heat or air conditioning. The lead plaintiff stated that some of his co-workers had lost toes from the cold because they could not keep their cars running idly long enough.

In addition to the allegedly harsh conditions, the plaintiffs also claim they were not paid properly for all the long hours they worked. The parking assistants were reportedly paid a flat rate of usually $150 for each 12-hour shift that they worked. The plaintiffs allege they have worked up to 100 hours in a week and never received overtime.

None of the defendants have responded to the allegations. The plaintiffs are seeking that the lawsuits be certified as class action and they be awarded monetary damages. California workers should always be mindful of any hours that should result in overtime pay. If any pay disputes remain unresolved, the workers may consider presenting their cases to an employment law attorney who can help determine the next best course of action.

Source:, “New York movie shoot parking workers sue studios over pay“, Feb. 25, 2016



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