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UC Berkley former dean sues school for employment discrimination

On Behalf of | Oct 21, 2016 | Firm News, Workplace Discrimination

The University of California system has been the subject of many employment-related lawsuits during the past year. Specifically, the University of California, Berkeley, has been rocked by lawsuits against 19 employees for sexual harassment. Recently, the former dean of the law school filed a lawsuit against the school system alleging employment discrimination, racial discrimination and damages to his career and reputation.

The scandal involving the former dean was centered around the alleged sexual harassment of his former executive assistant. He was initially punished earlier this year by a 10 percent salary cut for a year and other sanctions, which many felt were far too lenient. He ultimately resigned his position and returned to school as a faculty member for the fall semester.

The former dean’s lawsuit is based upon the fact that others at the school who were accused of committing similar crimes were not punished similarly. The lawsuit also alleges that he was targeted because of his ethnicity and non-citizen status, and he was only punished in order to deflect the pending grievances against other faculty members. According to a recent article, university representatives state that they are prepared to defend the allegations vigorously.

Despite the outcome of this lawsuit, employees facing any kind of employment discrimination in California could benefit from discussing their unique situations with attorneys. It is important to understand the options available under the law. An attorney experienced in employment litigation will be able to effectively evaluate the case and give guidance on the appropriate course of action.

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