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Court interpreter joins walkout over wage disputes

On Behalf of | Aug 4, 2017 | Firm News, Wage And Hour Laws

A court interpreter says that his wages have not kept pace with the market value. In California, the California Federation of Interpreters Union has staged a walkout in protest of what they say are unfair and stagnant wages. A recent news story gives more information about the walkout and the state of the wage disputes in the Interpreters Union.

On Monday, July 31, a regional walkout was staged by the union in protest of low wages. A Mendocino County interpreter was one of several interpreters who participated. He is at the center of an unfair labor practice charge filed by the California Federation of Interpreters Union in October. His pay was reduced by approximately $500 monthly for pension benefits, which the county took from him without bargaining. 

The court interpreters only started receiving benefits about 12 years ago, after the state mandated that interpreters be hired as employees and not as independent contractors. The Judicial Court Executive Officer has gone on the record to say that the package offered to court interpreters is more than generous. The county interpreter says he has no personal issues with the courthouse staff, and that they have always treated him well.

The wage disputes continue as the union bargains with the county regarding the benefits. Other individuals in California who feel that the wages they receive are not fair may be interested in filing a similar type of lawsuit. An employment law attorney can be a valuable asset and a guide for those considering claims against their employer for wage disputes. 

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