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Former Google teacher alleges employment discrimination

On Behalf of | Jan 4, 2018 | Firm News, Workplace Discrimination

A preschool teacher within the tech giant Google has alleged that it pays its female employees less. The allegation comes at a time when the California-based company has been under fire for similar claims of employment discrimination. Google denies the allegations, saying that the reports of unequal pay do not take other circumstances into consideration. 

The tech company employs preschool teachers because it offers preschool services as an employment perk for their employees. One former teacher has formally filed a complaint against her employer, saying that female teachers were paid less than male teachers with fewer qualifications. The woman reports that, out of the three men she worked with, two of the three started with higher salaries than nearly all of her female co-workers, and that they started the men at a level-two salary when most of the women started with level one. 

The teacher joins three other women in bringing the lawsuit against Google, who has gone on the record to say they disagree with the allegations of the suit. The company maintains that it strives to maintain an equitable workplace environment for all employees. They report no gender pay gap, citing an almost dollar for dollar equal rate of pay between men and women. 

However, the Labor Department has also been investigating the California company for employment discrimination. Time will tell if the women prevail in their suit. Other employees facing similar discrimination issues may also wish to recover their losses from unfair employers. Many individuals choose to hire an experienced employment law attorney for help in bringing their cases to court. 

Source: USA Today, “Former Google preschool teacher alleges gender pay discrimination“, Jessica Guynn, Jan. 3, 2018



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