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Lawsuit alleges employment discrimination at Vice Media

On Behalf of | Feb 15, 2018 | Firm News, Workplace Discrimination

A hugely popular news media organization is facing allegations of unfair and gender-biased pay in a recent lawsuit. The California company is again in the spotlight for its workplace issues, this time with female employees stating that they were paid significantly less than their male co-workers. The employment discrimination lawsuit follows earlier allegations of sexual misconduct by some of its employees. 

A former Vice Media employee has brought the suit against the news giant after allegedly discovering the pay gap between her and her male counterparts. She claims that male employees were paid tens of thousands of dollars more than female employees. Supposedly, a male employee whom she hired was promoted to become her supervisor because he was a good personality fit for male clients. 

The lawsuit alleges that the company violated equal pay legislation in California and New York, as well as federally. Several hundred women who have worked for Vice over the last six years could also potentially be involved in the lawsuit. At least one other woman has stepped forward publicly to state that she experienced the pay discrimination alleged in the suit.

Vice Media has reported that it is reviewing the employment discrimination lawsuit but has not been forthcoming with other information about the case. The California company has been embroiled in lawsuits since at least November of last year. In the state, employees are protected from unfair wage discrimination. Individuals who experience this type of bias in the workplace may wish to consult with an experienced lawyer who can offer guidance on their unique situation. 

Source: Fox News, “Lawsuit accuses Vice Media of pay discrimination against female employees“, Kathleen Joyce, Feb. 14, 2018



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