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California fitness chain hit with wage disputes, labor violations

On Behalf of | Mar 15, 2018 | Firm News, Wage And Hour Laws

Weight wasn’t the only thing allegedly being lost at Camp Bootcamp recently. Wages were being lost, too. The fitness chain recently was cited and fined after complaints of wage disputes, overtime violations and rest break violations. The California company will be on the hook for $8.3 million in alleged wage theft and labor law violations. 

Over 550 workers from several of the company’s 15 locations were deemed to be owed funds for the company’s faulty payment practices. The California Labor Commissioner’s Office announced the details of the story in early March 2018. The violations spanned over three years from 2014 to 2017. 

During that time, the company paid employees per class taught instead of by the hour. Paychecks were also issued by location instead of from the central office, which allowed the chain to avoid paying employees overtime hours. Some employees would receive as many as six paychecks per pay period. Other violations included not paying for mandatory staff meetings and failing to offer rest and meal breaks for receptionists. Travel between work sites, class prep and clean up times were also not paid to employees. 

The wage disputes resulted in the hefty judgment against the California company. Workers are protected in the state, with certain meal breaks and rest periods required by law. Employees should also be paid for all hours worked, which includes travel between work locations. Any workers in the state experiencing similar problems with an employer may be wondering what options there are to recover lost wages. An experienced employment law attorney may be able to consult with those interested and offer relevant guidance. 

Source: NBC San Diego, “SoCal Bootcamp Weight Loss Chain Accused of Wage Theft, Labor Law Violations“, March 9, 2018



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