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California police officer claims employment discrimination

On Behalf of | May 17, 2018 | Firm News, Workplace Discrimination

A worker has the right to be free from bigotry while at work. Recently, a California police officer filed a claim alleging that he had been a victim of employment discrimination. He says that his religion played a role in his mistreatment. The department maintains that his claims were taken seriously and some sources say that the man was also guilty of using racially-charged terms.

The officer, a Muslim man from Lebanon, has had a lengthy career with the police force. After 9/11, he said he began to hear racial slurs that associated him with terrorists. Both he and his wife say that religious and racial discrimination is pervasive in the force. When the problems started, the man said that he reported the issues to his supervisor, but no actions were taken.

Although his lawyer does not dispute the reports of a claim made against the man, he said that he was appropriately reprimanded for using racial slurs against Asians. Also, the man’s 21-year career cannot be defined by one incident. No matter what mistake the officer may have committed, it does not excuse the other officers for discriminatory practices.

After failing to receive a response from his repeated attempts to report the employment discrimination, the California officer finally filed a lawsuit. His case is pending. Workers in the state have the right to remain free from abuse based on their religion or nationality. Individuals experiencing problems in this area may wish to consider utilizing the help of an experienced attorney after exhausting internal reporting options.



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