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Women share maternity leave experiences

On Behalf of | May 24, 2018 | Family And Medical Leave, Firm News

All across the nation, women have to make certain choices when it comes to staying home after the birth of their babies. Some women have few options when it comes to paid maternity leave, while other women find that they are able to easily take the time off. Under California law, women are offered Family and Medical Leave Act leave and a six week state-sponsored disability leave.

Unfortunately, some women feel pressure when the time comes to be away from work. Certain employers can be less than accommodating with time away from the job. In a recent article on maternity leave, one woman reported that she was pressured not to pump while she was at the job. Another woman reported that she took a month away and was offered only 28 days instead of a full calendar month.

Not every woman had a negative experience. Some women report that going back to work a few weeks after giving birth felt good and offered needed adult stimulation. At least one California journalist reported that she was able to take her leave over a few six-week stints and that she was able to utilize city, state and federal leave time to make that happen.

Employers in the United States who meet certain requirements must offer FMLA time to women who wish to use it for maternity leave. In the state of California, additional paid time is offered. Employers must also make reasonable accommodations for women’s needs. Any employee struggling with receiving the benefits she is entitled to may choose to reach for for help. An experienced and skilled employment law attorney can provide useful guidance in this area.



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