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Some people with Down’s syndrome struggle to find work

On Behalf of | Oct 2, 2018 | Firm News

As a parent with an adult child diagnosed with down syndrome, it is concerning when he or she struggles to find adequate work. You may see other parents with children who have graduated and gone into the workforce. They may be advancing quickly while your child is struggling to get their foot in the door at a starter job.

It is never easy to see your loved-one struggle, especially when you suspect injustice on behalf of an irreversible condition. So, what can you do about it? You can research employment laws when it comes to employment discrimination against people with Down’s syndrome. Unfortunately, this type of discrimination occurs often

Negative assumptions

Employers may be under the false assumption that people with Down’s syndrome are incapable of performing their tasks. Limiting beliefs such as this one leads to premature judgement and exclusion against job candidates with disabilities. Employers are held accountable by the law to offer fair consideration of every candidate regardless of disability.

Low-level positions

It is not uncommon for those with Down’s syndrome to feel an advancement barrier in their areas of employment. A survey revealed employees with Down’s syndrome worked positions that were beneath their skill-level. For example, many workers were employed as cleaning staff and fast food workers when they can use computers and perform advanced tasks. Employers may keep certain workers at a lower position, under-utilizing and under-appreciating their range of skills and ability to learn and grow in higher positions.

If your adult son or daughter is the victim of employment discrimination, you have every right to hold their employer accountable. Your loved one deserves fair treatment and the law is created to settle all types of disputes related to disability discrimination.



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