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Why summer is a popular season for age discrimination

On Behalf of | Jun 13, 2019 | Firm News

Older workers are at risk of losing their jobs during any time of the year, but some seasons have certain disadvantages over others. Even though you can’t always expect your employer to fire you around certain months, you can pay attention to certain signs or trends that pop up during these periods that could foreshadow your exit.

Summer is a season where many older workers find themselves vulnerable in front of their employer in one way or another. As the temperatures continue to rise in California, it is important to know why so many employees over 50 may end up losing their jobs within the next few months.

New grads on the block

Companies are always looking for young, fresh faces to recruit into their ranks, and they’ll have plenty of opportunities to do so right before and after Memorial Day. Thousands of local college students just got their degrees and are looking for somewhere to put their majors to good use or a place that can help them make ends meet until they get a better opportunity elsewhere.

Even if you’re in a position that requires a higher education, there are also plenty of people getting their master’s degrees and their PhDs around this time too. If you start seeing significantly younger workers around the workplace, take notes. Your employer may not get rid of you right away since they want to see how well the new guys do, but it may start giving them ideas for the near future.

Business is booming

For many companies, summer is their most profitable time of the year. Some places might have more customers now that more people want to go outside and plenty of teenagers and young adults have the next few months off. Some industries such as construction rely on the outdoor conditions to get most of their work done.

This means that employers will likely pay close attention to your overall performance this season. If they see any signs of you slowing down during the busiest time of the year, they may use it as an opportunity to fire you. They want strong individuals who can keep up with the amount of required work.

If you end up losing your job during this season and pick up on signs of age bias from your employer, contact an employment law attorney to challenge your boss’s unfair decision in court.



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