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3 signs you may have a whistleblower case against your employer

On Behalf of | Dec 27, 2023 | Whistleblower Cases

If you suspect your employer engages in misconduct, you may find yourself in a potential whistleblower situation.

Whistleblowing occurs when an employee reports illegal or unethical activities within their organization. Although it may seem unlikely to be part of such a case, there are clear signs to look for.

1. Witnessing unlawful activities

One of the primary indicators that you might have a whistleblower case is if you witness your employer engaging in unlawful activities. This could range from financial fraud and embezzlement to discrimination and safety violations. If you have direct knowledge of such activities, it is important to consider blowing the whistle to ensure a fair and ethical workplace.

2. Retaliation for reporting misconduct

Experiencing retaliation after reporting misconduct is another clear sign of a potential whistleblower case. If you find yourself suddenly facing demotions, pay cuts or unjust termination shortly after bringing attention to unethical behavior, it is a red flag. Employers cannot lawfully retaliate against employees who act in the best interest of ethical practices and the law.

3. Disregard for policies and regulations

If you notice your employer consistently ignoring or violating established company policies and legal regulations, it may be an indication of a whistleblower case. This could involve anything from environmental regulations and workplace safety rules to labor laws and anti-discrimination policies. An employer’s persistent disregard for such guidelines may warrant intervention to protect both employees and the integrity of the organization.

If you find yourself in a situation where you identify one or more of these indicators, it may be time to consider taking appropriate steps. Thanks to whistleblowers standing up for what is right, the U.S. government had 351 settlements and judgments in FY2022, which exceeded $2.2 billion.



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