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April 2012 Archives

Teacher claims wrongful termination for getting pregnant - Part 2

In 1978 the United States Government banned discrimination in employment but that does not stop some employers from discriminating against their employees, including pregnant women and mothers. Pregnancy discrimination is a form of employment discrimination and is illegal under both California state and federal laws.

Teacher claims wrongful termination for getting pregnant - Part 1

California residents may be interested in yet another case of employment discrimination involving a mother who was fired from a private Christian middle school for getting pregnant out of wedlock. The 29-year-old teacher was planning to get married to her fiancé last summer, but a series of events delayed their wedding plans. She discovered she was pregnant last fall.

Social media access may bring illegal bias in hiring practices

Discriminating against an employee is illegal, whether or not the discrimination was intentional. The alarming trend of employers requesting access to an applicant's Facebook account can result in an employer unwittingly discriminating against a prospective employee based on information learned in the review of the applicant's account. Since California has some of the most comprehensive laws preventing employment discrimination, employers must follow strict rules in their interviewing and hiring practices.

EEOC's Fresno Office settles pregnancy discrimination suit

A lawsuit accusing a Fresno, California, facility of pregnancy discrimination has been settled in favor of the plaintiff. The suit filed by the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission claimed the facility was guilty of employment discrimination when it offered an applicant an executive assistant position with the company, and later rescinded that offer after learning she was pregnant.

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