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Northern California yoga teacher fired over cell phone ban

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2012 | Firm News, Wrongful Termination

A Northern California yoga teacher was fired after she scowled at a student who was on a cell phone during class. The six-year instructor, who taught Facebook employees, expressed her belief that people need to focus on the yoga during class in order to benefit. She instructed all students to turn off their cell phones so they could take full advantage of the class.

She received a termination letter that warned her not to impose a cell phone ban. Her employer said that class attendees at some companies are permitted to be on their phones during class. The instructor has not commented on her wrongful termination.

The teacher thought the incident would pass, but the student elaborated that the teacher’s actions embarrassed her. As a result, the instructor was terminated. A representative from the firm explained that the goal of the health company is to satisfy customers, so teachers should not be confrontational. The instructor has since gained employment at another facility.

Most employees concentrate on putting their all into their job as they focus on peak work performance. Like this instructor, they take measures to do everything within their power to get the job done. However, in this case, a disgruntled customer cost a woman her job. The employee was simply striving to ensure a positive class environment for all the other students.

If you have been subjected to employment discrimination or suffered as a result of a hostile work environment, you may very well want to go about being reinstated to that job. Workplace discrimination can be a tricky matter to address before a judge, so legal advice to help navigate you through the court process can be crucial.

Source: The Associated Press, “Yoga teacher fired for glaring at Facebook worker,” July 11, 2012



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