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Settlement sought in iGate case

On Behalf of | Jun 3, 2013 | Firm News, Sexual Harassment

Citizens in California may be interested to hear that a senior employee at iGate is suing iGate and the company’s former president and chief executive. The former president is accused of sexual harassment and was consequently fired following the allegations. Both parties are reportedly now considering settling the case outside of court.

The former president calls the senior employee’s allegations “false and fabricated.” The lawyer of the senior employee, who is now pregnant with the former president’s child, stated that the former president threatened her with employment loss and pressured her to continue the relationship when she tried to remove herself from it. When the former president discovered the employee was pregnant with is child, he allegedly told her to have an abortion. When she refused, he told her to vacate her position at the company.

The former president claims he has repeatedly been stalked by the women who worked for him due to his wealth and position. However, he has a history of harassment complaints being filed against him. A year after joining the Infosys board, the man’s executive secretary filed a lawsuit against him alleging wrongful termination and harassment. The case was settled outside of court for $3 million. Another former employee filed a sexual harassment suit against him later that year. The case was also settled outside of court. The man’s former employer, iGate, acknowledges that past events suggest a disregard and violation of women in the workplace.

Sexual harassment cases can be very involved and even emotionally stressful. This may especially be the case in high profile instances of workplace abuse that take place at large corporations. Working with a lawyer who practices employment law in workplace harassment cases can possibly offer support to plaintiffs as they proceed through the court process and seek damages.

Source: First Post Business, “Sex charge against Phaneesh Murthy may be settled out of court“, Uttara Choudhury, May 24, 2013



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