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October 2013 Archives

California university accused of racial bias

A report that investigated charges of racial bias at UCLA found that almost all of the faculty members of color had suffered some type of discrimination and that the school wasn't doing enough to address the issue. Even when the charges were investigated, the guilty parties were not usually punished. According to the report school policies on race discrimination were not clear and disciplinary action was not properly enforced against those who violated policies.

Former employee files sexual harassment suit against councilman

A California woman who worked in the office of a Los Angeles city councilman has filed a sexual harassment suit against his office, claiming that the councilman's chief of staff made a number of inappropriate sexual jokes at her expense and that such behavior was rampant throughout the office. She also accused the councilman of making several sexual jokes himself.

Women's basketball coach files wrongful termination claim

After 16 years leading the team, the women's basketball coach for San Diego State University retired abruptly for unknown reasons. Six months later, she has filed a lawsuit that may explain what led to the unexpected move. According to a 34-page wrongful termination claim, the athletic director at SDSU told the 55-year-old coach that she could either resign, retire or be terminated.

Employees of Kaiser fired for whistleblowing

California workers might be outraged to hear that employees of the Kaiser Fontana Medical Center were fired after they blew the whistle on the establishment for making them work in unsanitary conditions. Two Kaiser employees filed a complaint against the company in San Bernardino Superior Court in response to the company's actions. Both of the employees had suffered from injuries after they were required to use large and poorly designed carts for housekeeping duties. Both of them eventually filed workers' compensation claims in connection with the incident, which they said was held against them later on when they made complaints about the unsanitary working conditions during employees' special Unit Based Team meetings. Both of the employees eventually suffered from what they alleged was wrongful termination.

California passes law for domestic workers

On Sept. 26, California Governor Jerry Brown signed a bill into law that will give household workers more rights as employees, making California the third state in the country to pass a bill of rights for domestic workers. The California Domestic Worker Bill of Rights requires that housekeepers, child care providers and caregivers are paid overtime when they work for more than nine hours in a day or more than forty-five hours in a week.

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