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Woman sues former mayor for sexual harassment

On Behalf of | Dec 4, 2013 | Firm News, Sexual Harassment

A woman is bringing forth sexual harassment claims against a former mayor of a California city. Her sexual harassment claim is asking for $1.48 million, with several other women expected to file similar claims.

According to the woman’s complaint, the former mayor of San Diego suggested that she should work without wearing undergarments and that he wanted to look at her naked. He also allegedly stated that he couldn’t wait to consummate the relationship between the two of them. Additionally, he is being accused of demanding kisses and making sexual comments while putting her in a headlock.

When she emerged as a victim of the mayor’s behavior, his removal from office was set in motion. Mediation resulted in the mayor’s resignation after about nine months in office, with his resignation agreement including a provision that the city would provide part of his legal defense. He pleaded guilty to false imprisonment by violence and two counts of battery for harassing three women while he was in office. The criminal convictions resulted in his being placed on probation for three years and being sentenced to home confinement for three months. He is also prohibited from pursuing or holding another public office. The former communications director is seeking damages for emotional stress and pain and suffering. She is also seeking compensation for the loss of future earnings and for emotional injuries.

A victim of sexual harassment in the workplace may decide to pursue an action against the employer. Through such a course of action, the employee may be able to receive compensation for damages sustained, which could include loss of current and future earnings.

Source: CBS 8, “Woman reportedly seeks $1.48M in Filner lawsuit“, November 23, 2013



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