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February 2014 Archives

Whistleblower fired after reporting dangerous nuclear conditions

A nuclear power reservation manager, who had reported dangerous conditions at the facility, was fired in February for reasons that her employer claims are unrelated to her safety complaints. The woman had been reporting violations that she suspected were occurring at the plant. She is believed to be the second whistleblower to be fired at the company in less than half a year, which may send the wrong message to California workers who wish to report safety concerns.

City council allows funding for sexual harassment case

The City of San Diego approved the use of a $250,000 disbursement for a sexual harassment case against former mayor Bob Filner on Feb. 10. The ex mayor's former communications director agreed to the settlement on Feb. 7. If the two parties hadn't settled, they would have had to go to court in February 2015. The city employee claimed that the former mayor used sexually explicit language and tried to initiate sexual conduct while she worked for him. Two other women filed pending sexual harassment suits against the ex-mayor, who resigned in Aug. 2013 after almost nine months in office.

Californa considers law that would protect caretakers

While there are laws that prevent people from being fired for reasons related to someone's race, gender or religious beliefs, there are no such protections for caretakers, at least not in California. If someone needs to take time off of work or have a few exceptions made for them because they are a parent or taking care of an elderly relative, their employer is under no legal obligation to make concessions for them.

Court ruling expands scope of disability

On Jan. 23, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the 4th Circuit ruled that in some cases a temporary impairment may be deemed a "disability" under the Americans with Disabilities Act Amendments Act of 2008. In so doing, it stated that the impairment may be covered under the ADA Amendments Act if the injury was severe enough to substantially limit major life functions or activities.

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