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Manager at McDonald’s faces sexual harassment accusations

On Behalf of | May 16, 2014 | Firm News, Sexual Harassment

Being treated in an inappropriate manner sexually while in the workplace may make a person feel uncomfortable and abused. Sexual harassment is illegal and can cause the victim to suffer psychological issues for years following the incident. A victim of this type of behavior in California has the right to try to hold the offending employer accountable.

In one recent case in a different state, a McDonald’s restaurant assistant manager allegedly inappropriately touched two employees and sexually harassed them. The man is 27 years old and has been charged with criminal sexual conduct. This occurred after one of the employees, who is 16 years old, told his father that the manager had harassed him on four different occasions.

The manager was accused of touching the worker and using sexual language. Another worker said that the manager regularly made sexual comments at work and was touched inappropriately twice a week. The man admitted to engaging in some sexual behavior but denied sexually touching the employee who is 16 years old. He apologized for going too far in his actions.

If convicted, the man may be imprisoned for two years. He, and perhaps even his employer, may face legal difficulties in the form of sexual harassment claims filed by the alleged victims. A person who is subject to a hostile work environment due to sexual harassment or who is required to fulfill sexual favors in order to get a job or work-related benefits can seek damages. Monetary relief resulting from successful litigation can help to address mental anguish and pain and suffering resulting from this type of abusive and illegal conduct in California.

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